Открийте ваканционни имоти в Хърватия, Черна гора и Словения

Вила Villa Viktoria, Luštica, Zanjice


Peninsula Лустика: 300 години стара каменна къща с пристройки, съвременен комфорт на 2 етажа + галерия (ex.construction - таванско помещение), каменни тераси, 2 тераси, камина, 2 бани с душ, самостоятелна тоалетна, голяма просторна кухня, климатик, телефон, сателитна TV и подово отопление за зимата. Всеки спи 2 в ЕО, етаж и галерия, и отделна спалня. Има 8 удобни легла, ако се нуждаете за голяма семейството или с приятели! Стилна комбинация от модерно обзавеждане и антики. Вътрешен двор с каменна стълба. Новозасадената градина. Мотори разположение. Daily преминава от пътуващ бакалин. За градината има паркинг. Кучетата са добре дошли! Тъй като няма водоснабдяване на Лустика и подпочвените води съществува, водата се доставя от цистерни. Къщата се намира в село Mrkovi в открито море край на полуострова, един от 15 църкви Лустика, заобиколени от древни маслинови горички, на тихо място. С тесен Лейн води към градината с басейн (в процес на изграждане) Пътуването с автомобил отнема около Тиват на полуостров Лустика, последните красиви къпане плажове и села с нововъзникващи развитие на туризма (няма хотели, повечето с наемане и апартаментни комплекси), обслужваща двете страни на полуострова до къщата заливи MIRISTA на с много гореща Experience глоба трапезария и вода и загреба с няколко барове и ресторанти. Екскурзии до Синята пещера, от Херцег Нови и в други места са възможни с туристически кораби. Екскурзии в страната до древните манастири, след Котор с неговите стари укрепления, след Пераст, Будва и много други градове утоляват жаждата за културни срещи. Със самолет Подгорица или Дубровник, можете да евентуално, също пътуват Тиват.


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Sunday, July 27, 2014
I've never written a review. although 3 times a year for 10 years I go to rest in different corners of the planet. so I'll try to write a review, which I think will be useful. the house has everything - kitchen contains many dishes and utensils, which I do not have at home - has it all: dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, juicer (citrus), coffee maker, new appliances barbecue. House has plenty of strange design, I'm afraid that I will describe it. but the placement of rooms, balconies, walkways creates a romantic and relaxed mood. 1 room has a separate entrance on the stairs to the second floor with its own shower and toilet, the style of this room for romantic natures, in this room - the fan, no TV. another entrance to the main room, where the first floor - fireplace, table, chairs, a sofa, a piano, a room in an old-style, lots of candles and other cute stuff. on the second floor room where the sofa, air conditioning, television, cabinets. in this room a lot of windows and it is the lightest. in the same room there is a staircase to the top, where there is a bed, fan, dressers, have balcony. of a large bright room on the second floor there is a passage to a private room (which I described at the beginning). and there is a passage to a huge terrace. terrace - sofa swing, big table, dryer. There are also passages on the roof. Patio is small, but in the yard - a table, umbrella (useful in the afternoon when the sun). entrance to the kitchen - separate from the patio. kitchen cool as the other side is like in the land. it's very good. in a house of 3 bathrooms. I repeat - the house has everything we did not need anything. toys for children, sun umbrellas, inflatable mattresses, 2 bikes for adults (we used) and for children scooter. We found a huge amount of board games. separate from the house (2 meters) is a fenced area with a swimming pool with massage and waves, with barbecue, swings, tables, sun loungers, and other things - just can not describe all. and the house and the pool area are stone style. all sense of style and originality. I can not describe the disadvantages, as for me it was dignity - remoteness from civilization. evenings my ears deafened by silence. Terraces with views of the sea. but the sea is far away. I do not recommend walking. if you do not have a car - you do not have here. no shops in the village. but every morning a car came straight to the gate of the house, which had everything - from bread and toilet paper to fruit, vegetables, oils, drinks - generally all that may be necessary. the nearest beach - Zanice. it is good that there is right on the shore of an olive grove, that is, in its shadow can rest comfortably, if you are afraid of a lot of sun. but we went to different beaches. I believe that it is better to know in advance about all the beaches, so you have a choice - rocks, sand. it better. I wish I was there only a week, even though my family was there for the entire month. The house has internet, b


Sunday, April 7, 2013
Diese Bilder sprechen mehr als 1.000 Worte... http://www.portomontenegro.com/de/multimedia/aerial-panoramas


Sunday, April 7, 2013
Naja - fast... Ich habe in den letzten 5 Jahren das Land und dann auch gerade Mrkovi auf der Halbinsel Lustica des öfteren besucht. Ich finde gerade hier grosse Zufriedenheit mit der Natur - leider ist der Faktor "Mensch" meistens nicht im Klang mit der Natur, aber es gibt wohltuende Ausnahmen die sich hoffentlich nachahmen lassen. Das Dörfchen liegt wunderschön auf einem kleinen Hügel, die Hunde bellen, die Menschen sind SEHR freundlich und abends hört man die Schakale die heulend im herumliegenden Wald ihr Wesen treiben... In der Früh wird man vom reisenden Kaufmann durch das Hupen seines Wagens geweckt, abends hört man die Kirchenglocke von nebenan und da inzwischen is alles vollkommen ruhig... Entdeckungsreisen mit dem Auto oder zu Fuss werden mit einmaligen Erlebnissen belohnt die man hier gar nicht erwähnen soll - das muss erlebt werden! ...Und ich habe schon viele Erlebnisse hinter mir! VILLA VIKTORIA hat das Besondere dadurch, dass die Eigentümerin versucht hat soviel wie möglich das Ursprüngliche festzuhalten, mit Neuem zu kombinieren oder wiederherstellen - diese Liebe zum Detail macht das Haus zu einem echten Erlebnis. Eine Herausforderung ist hier ohne Auto (wie ich bin) auszukommen. Zum Haus gehören auch Fahrräder und nach 15 Minuten Radfahren sitzt man direkt am wunderschönsten Strand "Mirista" und auf dem Weg hin erlebt man immer wieder das Mittelmeer mit unterschiedlichsten Nyancen. Für mich sind die Aufenthalte in dieser Gegend der Welt nicht mehr weg zu denken und ich bin sehr glücklig jedes Mal dort zu sein! Ich habe das Gefühl hineinschmelzen zu können - eins mit der Natur... Natürlich gibt es per Auto auch viel hier zu tun oder sehen - aber da kann jeder selbst ihre Lieblingaktivitäten im Internet nachsuchen! Wünsche euch viel Freude mit eurer Entscheidung für "VILLA VIKTORIA"!